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Mark Thomas

Top UK Comedian , Writer, Activist


Mark Thomas

A biog in numbers:

Mark Thomas has been performing comedy for 29 years.

He has written 4 books.

Curated and authored 2 art exhibitions.

Won 4 awards for performing, 2 for human rights work and 1 he invented for himself.

He has taken the police to court 3 times and has won twice. The third is ongoing.

He made 7 series of the Mark Thomas Comedy Product for Channel 4.

He made 3 Dispatches for Channel 4.

He was commissioned to write 1 performance piece for the Royal Opera House.

He has made 5 series of the Manifesto for Radio 4.

He is a Guinness World Record holder for holding 20 protests in 24 hours.

He has given evidence to Parliamentary select committees on 2 occasions.

He has walked 724km around the length of the Israel Wall in the West Bank.

He has been arrested 4 times in the West Bank, 7 times in the UK and on trial once (acquitted).

He has been credited with changing the law on tax avoidance bringing in £1,000,000s for HMRC.

He has performed in 3 continents and in 8 countries.

He has performed 3 shows at the National Theatre.

He has cost 1 councillor and one government minister their jobs.

He has tried to get the government in court over the Iraq war once.

He cost BNF over £1m in clean up operations after exposing irradiated pigeon shit.

His last tour was 100 Acts of Minor Dissent, in which he campaigned successfully for trade union recognition for cinema workers, got a multinational to change their practices, brought 4 court cases and annoyed lots of people.

Cuckooed is the 6th show performed at the Tricycle.

It is quite theatrical but then Mark is quite inter disciplinary working in theatre, stand up, performance art, journalism and the communal art. He is 52 years old and doesn't care if it sounds pretentious.

He has shares in 1 dog, owned by family.

He was born in South London in 1963.

He is fucking knackered.