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Otiz Cannelloni

Comedian, Magician


Otiz Cannelloni

Otiz Cannelloni combines the illusion of magic and the wit of stand-up to produce a hybrid comic creation. He delivers a Tommy Cooper-inspired collection of tricks with zippy, self-deprecating patter and knowing, absurd humour to provide a full-on pantomime of unadulterated fun.

With a mind more suited to testing crash helmets, his performance fluctuates between sheer genius and outright stupidity. Just when you suspect he doesn’t have a clue, he removes all doubt.

Otiz is loved and revered in the business as a comics’ comic. When this man is on stage the dressing room empties, as the rest of the comics rush to watch and learn from his mistakes. It’s taken years of practice to make something so simple look so difficult.

Although his act is best seen live and in the flesh, Otiz has been allowed the odd (and indeed they were) appearance on television, having dismantled proceedings on The Stand Up Show (BBC1) and Stuff The White Rabbit (BBC2).

He’s a great act who rejoices in the title of Master of Mirth and Minimalist Magic (Time Out). A magical Wag. Bewitching. (The Guardian). Cannelloni wouldn’t look out of place on Sunday Night at the London Palladium (Chortle). He can boast such descriptions as Reluctant Messiah, Man of the People and O Level Woodworker.

Otiz successfully performs different material for late-night adult audiences and day-time family shows. He knows how to entertain the kids, while giving the adults a good laugh too.