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Steve Bell

Award-Winning Political Cartoonist


Steve Bell

Steve Bell has won more awards and courted more controversy than any other cartoonist of his generation. In a prolific career that has spanned four decades he has lampooned just about every prominent figure in the world of politics.

Since 1981 he has written and drawn the daily If… strip in the Guardian newspaper. In addition, since 1990, he has produced four large free-standing cartoons a week on the leader pages, which now appear in full colour. He created the memorable image of John Major with his underpants worn outside his trousers, of Tony Blair with Margaret Thatcher’s rogue eyeball, and of George W Bush as a chimpanzee.

He has produced illustrations and comic strips for many different magazines including Time Out (Maggie’s Farm), Social Work Today, Punch, Private Eye, New Society, the Radio Times, the New Statesman, and the Spectator.

His work has been published and exhibited all over the world and he has won numerous awards, including: the Cartoon Arts Trust Award eight times, the Channel 4 Political Humour Award in 2005 and the Political Studies Association Best Political Satire Award in 2005. He has also received honorary degrees from the Universities of Sussex, Teesside, Loughborough and Leeds.

He has had 30 books published, including a cartoon autobiography of George Bush called Apes of Wrath, an anthology If… Marches On, and a Tony Blair self-help guide titled My Vision For a New You.

He is a trustee of the Cartoon Museum.